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An explanation. I think?

If I were to sit down and describe the way music makes me feel... I do not think I could never fully explain it properly.

I could simply try and go on to say it is a release.

It's me to a complete and utter point.

It's my vulnerability,

my confusion and my reassurance of what I am supposed to be doing in this world.

It's my story in the purest form I know.

My creativity and my outlet that is driven from a place in me that sometimes I do not understand comes from.

My day to day practice of examining and experiencing life is not just in the context of my life, but others.

I want to feel the pain, sorrow, joy, radiance, confusion, satisfaction that comes with the beauty of every single human encountering a different story and I want to capture those moments and emotions and express them into poetry put to music.

If I were to sit down and tell you the way music makes me feel... I would probably just write a song about it because then both you and I might be able to understand.

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