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Final year...

I am almost through my first month of school of my final year at Metalworks. My schedule has been very busy with different meetings, sessions as well as keeping up with the school work that I am absolutely enjoying. This semester includes Songwriting and Musical Instrument Ensemble which makes for interesting classes. The release of my first EP Stones was a lot of fun to finally show people some more music with a music video for "TIME" following as well. I had a great time filming it and getting ready for it to come out that it was a little nerve racking to let others see it. I am glad people are enjoying the music video and the songs and letting me know also, it means a lot to me.

I will be continuing to work on new music with some producers and writers to make it the best that it can be!

Everything is falling into place and getting more busy as time goes on and I am motivated to keep making progress coming into the new year.

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