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Ojibwe/Cree Singer-songwriter Sara Kae often takes any opportunity she can to tell a story. From a young age, she quickly realized that music was her vehicle in doing so. With family hailing from Lake Helen First Nation, her Indigenous roots have always been a prominent point of inspiration in both life and her creative endeavours. She carries that with her in all that she does. Her father works as a drug and alcohol and wellness counsellor; he frequently brought Sara along to speak and sing in schools and communities in the region from the age of 12. Sara’s family life was far from conventional, with her parents taking in youth who needed a home. This lit a flame in Sara to aim to be an Indigenous role model in her community. 


In 2019, Sara Kae received the “Founder’s Award” for her time at Metalworks in the Music Performance and Technology: Vocal Major program. She was also awarded the “Outstanding Graduate of the Year Award” from the Career Colleges of Ontario. In addition to her music, Sara found herself working in radio and journalism at a Toronto-based radio station owned by APTN and CBC Thunder Bay/Indigenous where she gained valuable experience within the industry.


 Kae's music is highly influenced by the surroundings of her hometown, Thunder Bay, and her Indigeniety. Kae continues to spend time within her community while working on a new EP to release in the near future.

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